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Career Profile: Hydrologist

Water is something that is very important to all life on this Planet. The problem of not having access to good water supplies is an ever lurking threat. Hydrology is a branch of science that researches and studies complex water systems of the earth and how water-related problems can be solved. 

Who is a Hydrologist? A Hydrologist is a specialist in Hydrology. It is a scientific career.

Hydrologists often work with other environmental scientists. Typically, a new hydrologist spend the large part of his/her time in the field. A more experienced Hydrologist may work in the office and laboratory more. The job scope often involve finding solutions for water-related problems. Work scope may include investigating the original condition of certain water environments as well as studying the flow, distributions, properties of water systems on the Planet.

Qualification wise, the minimum requirement to be a Hydrologist is usually a bachelor’s degree in an earth science-related field.

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  1. Alan Alan

    Sounds like a career that the planet is greatly in need.

    We need more of such professionals to help save the Planet and create a more eco-friendly world.

    This career should be more actively promoted.

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