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Career Profile: Materials Scientist

Material Science has important implications and significance to modern living and lifestyle.

This is the job profile of the Materials Scientist.

So,e people have no idea about the job scope of the Material Scientist because it is comparative less well known. The work of the materials scientist involves the study and research of wide varieties of materials. These materials included metals, crystals, polymers, ceramic, wood , glass, etc. The task of the materials scientist is to come up with new types of material that have certain specific properties.

Materials science is a broad field dealing with the properties of matter and its applications to various aspect of science and engineering. Sub-branches of this profession includes Metallurgy, Biomaterials, Microtechnology, Nanotechnology, Crystallography.

A materials scientist must be analytically with a good head for science, especially chemistry and physics. He or she should possess the relevant degree related to Material Science.