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Career Profile: Meteorologist

The Career Information and Profile of the Meteorologist will be described in this article. Meteorologists study the weather and make predictions for weather forecasts. Meteorology is the very broad scope of scientific study that focuses on weather processes and forecasting. Basically, the science of meteorology is used to explain and chart observable weather events.

Generally, the field of meteorology does not employ much lab equipment. Instead meteorologists use more outfield-type observation equipment. However, computer models are also intensively used to make weather predictions.

A Meteorologist must be mathematically-inclined with a good head for science and figures. To be a Meteorologist, one will need a degree in meteorology and atmospheric science. A well-known institute that carry such courses is the Pennsylvania State University’s Department of Meteorology.

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  1. Job seeker Job seeker

    Meteorology is an interesting job and science. But, i guess the rate of employment must be very low for such a specialised job.

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