Career Profile: Sports Psychologist

Career Profile: Sports Psychologist

This is a type of psychologist that specialises in the sporting field.

In a nutshell, the job involves helping athletes and sports persons to improve or enhance their performance. The channel to do so includes mental skill training and counselling.

A sports psychologist may not be working in isolation. He or she will have to work with personnels such as coaches of the athletes. Also, providing personal consultation to athletes are part and parcel of the career.

At times, he or she may be called upon to conduct seminars, presentations and workshops to people in the sporting field.

Sports psychologist should be fit both mentally as well as physically.

To be a sports psychologist, education in psychology and or sports science are important. Personality wise, he or she should be comfortable interacting with people.

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  1. in order to get a career in sport psych you first need an undergraduate degree in an approved course either sport psych or pure psych, in which you then need to attain a 2.1 or better, you then need to get a masters degree in sport psych specifically. After this you need to do 2 years supervised practice to become affiliated with the british psychology society.
    It is unethical to work with any less qualifications as you can have very damaging effects on a childs emotional state if you are not up to scratch.

    It is worth stating that there are many many more quails and research opportunities onces you are fully qualified. In fact sports psychologists tend to have PHDs now days.

    For more info google “BPS” for the society.

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