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Career Profile: Volcanologist

The Career Information and Profile of the Volcanologist will be described in this article. A Volcanologist is an expert in Volcanology. Volcanology is the study of volcanoes, magma, lavas and other seismic activities..

This is a super-niched profession with only a handful of persons within this field. Volcanologists are often required to visit volcanoes, including active ones. Their job includes predicting when volcanos will erupt. They monitor and observe seismic activities. This is a very important task as many lives are at stake if wrong predictions are being made.

Because of the need to visit volcanic sites, this is one profession that brings you to many exotic destinations and extreme conditions. This is not a job for the desk-bound person.

One university that offers courses in Volcanology is the University Of Alaska. Many Volcanologists have PhDs.

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  1. Volcano Volcano

    Being a Volcanologist is one hell of a exciting job. At least that is what i think.

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