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Career Profile: Air Stewardess and Steward

As of this writing, this career is facing major crisis as many airlines all over the world greatly reduced their flights due to COVID Pandemic. Perhaps, for those financially affected by the pandemic, it may be beneficial to build alternative sources of income as well. If you are browsing this website, chances are you are already familiar or interested with a particular line of work or career. Check out this post on income building that is safe and can be work from home (WFH) based.

The Career Information and Profile of the Air Cabin Crew will be described in this article. A female air cabin crew is known as an air stewardess, while the male counterpart is known as an air steward. This profession is arguably considered one of the most glamorous job among young women. Becoming an air stewardess is regarded as a sign of great physical beauty. Thus this is a much sought after female career.

air stewardess

The job of the air stewardess and steward is mainly to look after the welfare, comfort and safety of the passengers. During the flight, they have to serve the passengers with meals and drinks.

Usually, individual airlines recruit and train their own air cabin crew members. Many of the trainings can be quite intensive and demanding.

Personality-wise, airlines look for potential crew members who are presentable-looking, polite and tactful. Air cabin members must also possess good stamina and be approachable. Very commonly, an air stewardess or steward is expected to be physically attractive and have a pleasant and friendly disposition.

Certain airlines also have minimum height requirements for their air stewardess and steward.


  1. Alan Alan

    Thank you for the career profile. Many are inspiring to be steward and stewardess.

  2. Ricky Ricky

    Air stewardess are usually very pretty. But not all airlines go for pretty girls.

    Nevertheless, being an air stewardess job is really cool because it allows you to travel and see the world.

  3. moke moke

    The information given above is quite useful!I hope to become a professional air-stewardess since i was 12..Now i’m going 16,hope my dream wil come true in the future…

  4. admin admin

    Hi Moke,

    I hope you dream of being an air stewardess will come true one day.

    I have several friends who were air stewardesses, they really get to travel to many countries.

    All the best 🙂

  5. pepe pepe

    I am quite clear with the jobscope but my point of view is though it allows people to travel but you don’t really get much time to visit the places as you would be too tired for that… and you really have to risk your health and the pay is not so good after all

  6. Mandy Mandy

    well..what about the age limitation? i’ve heard that once the stewards are over that age limit,they can no longer be flying with the air crew right? So,what next? What can we do after that? Is there any other job opportunities?

    That’s the only thing i’m worried about.

  7. charlene charlene

    can a specky become a stewardess ??

  8. admin admin


  9. Daniela Daniela

    Hi well I am bilingual (Spanish/ English)and I will love to be a stewardess, but I am 5’2 am I to short for the job…? and also how do I get to be a stewardess because to be honest I have been looking for institutes or somethign similar, but I just dont find them… I live in Washington DC, USA. Please I need help thanks 😀

  10. erma wilma erma wilma

    it is my interest since i was 8…i hope i can be one of the cabin crew airline…n hope my goal to be a dedication stewardess will come true…

  11. Laura Laura

    I am Cabin Crew and the role is a very demanding one. Safety is of the up most importance and the training is very demanding with tests that you need to pass before you can fly, but it is also great fun! The days at work can be extremely long (sometimes you can work a 15 hour day) and the shift patterns very tiring and nearly always in un-socialable hours. If you don’t mind being away from home and love interacting with people and helping them then this job can be very rewarding. Although many people think that the job is glamourous it can be far from that… especially when you are dealing with an in-flight medical emergency or having to re-stock smelly toilets, but on the up-side I love giving a great service to the passengers and it is lovely to meet so many different kinds of people. Often, you will not get to see many countries as it’s a quick turn-around once you land at your destination and you’re heading straight back home again. You are meeting new people all the time, even work colleagues as you often fly with crew that you’ve never even met before. I love having the responsibility of looking after people and making sure they are safe and comfotable…in my experience it’s much better than being behind a desk any day!!!

  12. Sanu Sanu

    Hello, m aim is to be a Cabin Crew in the future but m quite not sure how hard it is to get a cabin crew job. can anyone plz tell m. Thank you.

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