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Career Profile: Chauffeur

Sometimes, under certain conditions, a person or passenger needs to be driven by a professional driver. A Chauffeur is such a skilled car driver. The Career Information and Profile of the Chauffeur will be described in this article.

A chauffeur is either employed by a person or an organisation. They fill a need for a reliable mode of transportation for key company personnels.

To be a chauffeur, one must have a driving license which has a clean record. A chauffeur must be polite and calm. Some chauffeurs are provided with their own private accommodation.

Chauffeurs help the passengers carry the luggage in and out of the car.They also run errands on behalf of the employer.  Some of them also drive office staffs and visitors to and from the workplace. Besides driving their clients, a chauffeur may have to maintain the vehicle too. This may involve washing, waxing and polishing the vehicle.

Chauffeurs can be employed by government agencies, companies, limousine companies as well as private households. Some chauffeurs are also self-employed. The earnings of chauffeurs vary greatly.