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Career Profile: Concierge

This is a career information and profile of Concierge. Concierge is also known as Guest Services Executive. The career is part of the Hospitality and Service Industry.

He liaises with all service personnel (including car valets, airport representatives, and bellboys) that are required to meet the needs of guests staying in his hotel.

The duties of the Concierge include briefing his guests of local attractions, facilities and services offered within the hotel and its vicinity, booking and re-confirming air tickets and other transport arrangements, taking care of incoming messages, mail and packages.

A Concierge must possess good interpersonal skills, be fluent in one or more languages including English, and have a good grasp of all the current happenings and attractions within the country.

One would need a Diploma in any tourism course and work experience in the hotel industry to qualify for a Concierge job.

With more experience, a Concierge may be promoted to Assistant Chief Concierge, Chief Concierge, Guest Services Manager or Front Office Manager.


  1. Ricky Ricky

    Concierge must have the will to deal with difficult people.

    They must be friendly too.

  2. Damien Damien

    I am myself a concierge in a 5 diamond hotel in British Columbia. More than be ready to deal with difficult people, it is actually the will to deal with anything that prevail. You will have to find something, or a solution to anything, most of the time something you are not prepared for, and that that job so beautiful and unique! However when your department is running fine, the hotel can rely on you!

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