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Career Profile: Door Host

Door Host is known in certain countries as the ‘door bitch’. Door hosts work in pubs, lounges and other entertainment-related environments.

The job scope of the door host includes the following:

1. Controlling of crowd at the pub.

2. Check if entrants are of legal age

3. Coordinate reservations of spaces.

As the term ‘door bitch’ implies, door host is usually a female-oriented career. Many door bitches are far from being bitchy. In fact, they must remain pleasant and calm under trying circumstances. At the same time, they must also be able to maintenance the orderliness of the pub in a firm manner. A door host has the power to control and decide who enters the pub.

Looks-wise, many door hosts are also selected for their physical attractiveness. Also, because of the entertainment-oriented nature of the pub, a door host should ideally be more extroverted than introverted. She must also be assertive when there is a need for such an approach.