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Career Profile: Resort Publicity Officer

Resort Publicity Officer is a career within the Tourism Industry. The Tourism Industry caters to the tourists. Tourism encompasses travel for the purpose of leisure, recreational or even business. It can be either inbound or intrabound  in nature.

The job of this Officer is to promote a designated resort area. This may include highlighting certain places of attraction that the resort offers. What is a Resort? It is a holiday place for recreational and relaxation. A resort can be a self-contained place such as a town whereby many facilities such as those for eating, accommodation and recreation are available. Examples of resorts are Walt Disney World and Sentosa resort (in Singapore). Types of resort include seaside, spa and ski resorts.

Qualification-wise, educational trainings such as a degree in Tourism is advantageous. Additionally, past work experiences in tourist-related environments such as tourist information centres are of great help with the career.