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Career Profile: Education Counsellor

Education is a wide ranging field. It covers many different types of careers and job directions.

Furthering of education often entails studying overseas. Often in the time of not-so-rosy economy, many people choose to upgrade themselves.

Studying in a foreign country is not as simple as enrolling for a local educational institute. There are much information gathering, research and preparation required. Also, it can be a stressful decision for both prospective students and their parents. That is where Education Counselling can come in handy. One objective of the counsellor is to help student with their potential career directions.

An Education Counsellor is someone who provides education related counselling. He or she is often employed by agencies or organisation to counsel prospective students and their families with regards to matters about studying in a particular country or place.

Typically, the counsellor should have own experience studying and/or working in that target country of education. He or she must be interested in helping someone resolve the queries pertaining to studying in the relevant universities, colleges and schools.

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  1. Roy Roy

    Australia is a very popular destination of study for many Asians. There are Chinese, Koreans, Malaysians … there.

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