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Career Profile: 3D Rigger

3D Riggering got nothing to do with oil rigging. Rather, it is a career of the 3D and animation industry. A related career is that of the animator.

3D rigging is closely related to character animation. Basically a rig is a skeletal structure that help control animation and movement of digital character. For example the 3D characters of animation and movies such as Ant, Mr Incredible have bone structures.

To be qualified to be a 3D rigger, one must have good grounding in 3D animation principles. Knowledge in any one of the high end 3d animation package is important. The industry standard are Autodesk Maya and 3D Studio Max. Other 3D packages include soft image, Cinema4d, Blender and Messiah Studio.

One must be well versed in how living things move and animate. One must have good observation and skill in translating human and animal motions into 3D digital format. 3D riggers may work in studio that do animation for film and advertisement.

OK, don’t want to bore the Readere with geek talks. That is all for this article.