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Career Profile: Aerospace Engineer

The Career Profile of the Aerospace Engineer will be described in this article. An Aerospace Engineer is also known as an Aeronautical Engineer.

He oversees all matters pertaining to any aircraft or space vehicles, from its design to its manufacture, its operation and finally, its maintenance.

Mathematics, Science, Engineering and computer skills are essential skills that an Aerospace Engineer must possess to design a safe and efficient aircraft. His job includes analyzing loads to determine the size and layout of the aircraft, modifying the aircraft’s engines, systems and components to meet airworthiness and operational requirements. An Aerospace Engineer is also responsible for providing field support and engineering services to his clients.

One must first and foremost have a passion for Aerospace Engineering and aircraft to have a good head start in this field. He must also be meticulous, quality-conscious, good with his hands and possess good IT skills.

The entry requirement into this field would be a Diploma in Aerospace Technology, a technical polytechnic diploma followed by an apprenticeship scheme organized by an approved aircraft maintenance company and a recognized Aircraft Maintenance Engineer’s license, a Bachelor of Engineering degree, a Degree in Aeronautical Engineering or Aerospace Engineering, or equivalent.

With experience, one may be promoted to Operations Manager, Marketing Manager in Aviation Engineering, Business Development Manager in Aerospace, Technical Services Manager, Quality Manager or Planning Manager.