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Career Profile: Bicycle Mechanic

Cycling is a very common activity. Of course, we need a bicycle in order to cycle. In many part of the world, cycling is regarded as a leisure activity. In some parts of the world, the bicycle is even the main mode of transport where people used it to go to work.

Bicycle mechanic job grows in demand as cycling is a popular activity. A bicycle mechanic is someone who does a wide range of repair works on bicycles.

The work includes assessing a client’s bicycle and making the necessary repair or improvement. The activity may involve cleaning, lubricating and adjusting the bicycle. The work is very practical and hands-on. This kind of job is particularly suited to someone who loves to fiddle with mechanisms and mechanical parts.

As for training there are some bicycle mechanic schools that offer certificate courses. One such school is the United Bicycle Institute. Some vocational schools also offer similar courses.

Where do Bicycle mechanics work in? Typically, they may start the work life working in the local bike shop. Some mechanics become sales representatives for certain brands of bicycles. For some lucky folks, they may even end up working for racing teams.


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    There are so many bikes in the world.

    This bicycle repair thingee looks like a lucrative money making idea.

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