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Career Profile: Ceramic Engineer

Human Beings have been using ceramics for thousands of years. It is also a significant direction for artwork and sculpture creation.

Ceramic engineer work with ceramic materials. What is ceramic? It is an inorganic material that is prepared by heating and followed by a cooling phase. Ceramics are non-metallic. Example of ceramics includes clay and porcelain. Ceramic materials can have either a crystalline or partly crystalline structure.

Like other material engineers, the job scope of ceramic engineers may involve the development of new products. In this case, the new products may be made of ceramic materials. There are several areas that ceramics are used. One of the most common is whitewares. Whitewares often include stuffs such as pottery, tiles and pottery wares.

Another areas of ceramic work is glass, This often includes the development of fiber optics, electronic components and fiberglass.

Minimum entry to become a ceramic engineer is usually a bachelor’s degree majoring in ceramic engineering or related subjects.

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  1. I wouldn’t call them ingeneers. I’d call them artist. I mean most people wouldn’t be able to create such amazing stuff from something as simple as ceramic.

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