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Career Profile: Chemical Engineer

Chemical Engineering is a major engineering discipline. It is among the top four engineering fields which include mechanical, electrical and civil engineering.

The Career Information and Profile of the Chemical Engineer will be described in this article.

One branch of this field is research engineering. A research engineer’s work involves developing new processes and products. Often, they must know a great deal about materials. The Engineer uses chemicals to produce useful and environmentally-friendly products. These products include better plastics, fuels and fibres.

Often the job may also encompasses writing reports and draft tenders, managing the operation and the quality of the projects, documenting their manufacturing processes, as well as accessing and countering potential hazards.

Personality-wise, a would-be engineer must be passionate in Science and have an eye for detail. He or she must be able to identify and solve potential problems as well as develop business opportunities. The requirement for a Chemical Engineer would be a Degree in Chemical Engineering. With experience, he may be promoted to managerial positions.