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Career Profile: Civil Engineer

Civil Engineering is very much associated with building and structures. Often, persons from this field work in collaboration with people from the architectural field.

The Career Profile of the Civil Engineer will be described in this article. A Civil Engineer is also known as a Structural Engineer or Site Engineer. He plans, designs, and supervise the construction of building and civil engineering works.

He may specialize in any of the following areas:

  1. Structural Engineering relating to high-rise buildings, industrial complexes, power stations, highways, bridges, tunnels, flyovers and other infrastructure.

  1. Water Resources and Environmental Engineering relating to the distribution and management of water supply, the management and control of air and water pollution, and the management of solid waste.

  1. Geotechnical Engineering relating to soil investigation and stabilization, slope stability, foundation design, settlement analysis and reclamation projects.

  1. Transportation Engineering relating to any transportation facilities.

A Civil Engineer must have an aptitude in mathematics, possess leadership skills and the skills to read and interpret drawings. He or she may also be required to learn and use CAD or Computer Aided Design software.

Possible areas of employment include places such as architectural firms, public utilities, construction companies and government agencies.

He must at least have a recognized Degree in Civil Engineering. With experience, he may rise to become a Project Manager, a Construction Manager, a Transportation Engineer or Senior Design Engineer.


  1. Job expert Job expert

    Engineering jobs are always in great demand. The employment rates are good.

  2. Ron Ron

    Someone told me civil engineering is a job that requires you to be in the sun a lot of the time.

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