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Career Profile: Draughtsman

The Career Profile of the Draughtsman (or draftsman) will be described in this article. A Draughtsman (draftsman) produces detailed technical drawings.

In the past, draughtsmen have to draw manually using technical pens and drafting equipment. Gone are the days of manual drafting. Nowadays, drafting is done primarily using Computer Aided Design software programs such as AutoCAD or TurboCAD.

To be a draughtsman, one needs to have Computer Aided Design (CAD) and technical drawing knowledge. The technical drafting knowldedge requirements varies from industry to industry. For example, drafting procedure for Interior design may be different from that of Mechanical Engineering. The most popular drafting program in the world is AutoCAD and it is versatile enough to be used in most types of industries.


One place that offers AutoCAD Training and Certification is Gatlin Education Service.

In terms of career advancement, a draughtsman (or draftsman) may be promoted to become an engineer or designer of his line of profession. For example, an interior design draftsperson may eventually be promoted to become a full-fledged interior designer. Although, this is one of the possible route of career advancement, it is not the only career direction.

Draftings are essential for many industries including the followings:

1. Interior design

2. Piping

3. Mechanical engineering.


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