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Career Profile: Electronic Engineer

The Career Profile of the Electronic Engineer will be described in this article. Also known as Firmware Engineer or Telecommunications Engineer, an Electronic Engineer designs electronic components, systems or products. He also provides professional advice to his company on the testing and development of better products.

He may choose to specialize in any of the following areas:

  1. Materials Engineering

He designs and test methods to evaluate the quality of materials that he has bought locally or overseas.

  1. Process Engineering

He leads a team of Production Engineers and Technicians to support the manufacturing department. He is involved in the early stages of product design. He plans the plant’s production capacity and line layouts to maximize yield and throughput. He is also responsible for introducing new techniques to produce or test products.

  1. Product Engineering

His job is similar to the Process Engineer except that he formulates direct and indirect materials specifications and ensures smooth and efficient running of all operations in the manufacturing process.

  1. System Engineering

He plans, develops, and maintains in-house web-based reports and database. He provides technical feasibility studies and also analyses user requirements to help implement and improve projects.

  1. Test Engineering

He designs, monitors and improves programs to test products/ components and analyze their areas for improvement.