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Career Profile: Jeweler

A Jeweler sells, designs, makes and repairs jewelery. Jewelry have been part of human civilisation since ancient times and will perhaps continue to be so.

The field of work is very broad for a jeweler. Some of them work in design environments such as studios. Others work in the retail shop. Some also work in the jewelry factories.

Training as a Jeweler depends on the scope of work. Some works require on-the-job trainings. Many of them need to have a good knowledge of Gemology. Gemology or gemmology is the science and art of identifying and evaluating crystals and gems.

To get the job, one can apply directly to the jewelry design studios, retail shops or factories. Jewelry trade organisation may also be able to provide one with relevant information on jobs and careers in this field. With experience, a jeweler may climb the rank to become managers or supervisors in the respective environment and workplaces.

Some jewelers are also self-employed and thus run their own jewelry retail shop.