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Career Profile: Packaging Technologist

This is the career profile and job information for the Packaging Technologist.

The job scope of a Packaging Technologist includes the design and making of packaging materials. This include tasks such as sample making, cutting, folding, glueing and assembling.

Job opportunities can be found within manfacturing companies of raw materials. Companies that do not haveĀ  their own packaging capabilities may also seek to hire packaging technologists as temporary consultants.


  1. Ricky Ricky

    Me think another name for the packaging technologist is the packaging designer.

    Thank you for the career information.

  2. Eric Holl Eric Holl

    I think Packaging technologist deals more with the production aspect of packaging creation. Whereas packaging designers are more focussed on the styling part of the process.

    However, I think the 2 jobs will have some overlapping job scope.

    BTW, this is a good career information site.

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