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Career Profile: Photographer

This article talks about the career profile of the Photographer. A Professional Photographer earns a living taking photos. He or she translates the pictures to engage an audience in a story. This is one of the best job that marries ones’ personal interest to a lucrative means of earning a living. This type of job needs a certain creative mind.

There are many types of photographers. This is because Photography itself is a very broad subject with many genres. These genres include:

1. Landscape photography

2. Portrait photography

3. Wedding photography

4. Glamour photography

5. Urban photography

6. News photography

7. Wildlife photography

8. Sports photography

9. Underwater photography

Among them, Wedding, Portrait and Glamour photography careers are the most popular. Many forms of photography requires creativity in order to create nice works.

Certain types of photographic professions such as the News Photographer may be required to work long hours, in varying conditions and under pressure. For example, the News Photographer must work alongside the reporter to cover events ranging from official openings and sports events to accidents, crimes and disasters.

Regardless of the genre, all professional photographers need to use professional cameras and tools. No client or employer will pay for someone who uses a digital compact camera for the job. The camera used must be at least a mid-range SLR, DSLR or Medium format camera. For those who are not familiar with the terms, SLR stands for single-lens-reflex. DSLR stands for Digital SLR.

A photographer must have a visual eye to depict a scene in the most emotive shot. He/she must be constantly on the look out for potential picture opportunities. A photographer must also be patient in getting the cooperation of his subject.

If you are a serious photography hobbyist who wants to make some income from the hobby, we suggest that you read up books and researches on freelance photography. Many photographers started off as freelancers before eventually going for the fulltime route.


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    Thanks so much for this great profiling of photographer. It is really very useful and helpful.

    Photography is one of my interest. And I am considering generating income from it.

    Once again thanks for the article

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    Thanks for your useful profile, I’m also considering a career in photography.
    However, throughout your profile for this career you wrote ‘he’!!!

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