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Career Profile: Telephone Craftworker

Telecommunication is a big business industry as technology continues to evolve. It involves the transmission of digital or analog signals over a distance as a means of communication. With the advent of communication means such as the internet, many modern household and offices wants to be connected or networked. A network is a collection of transmitting, receiving and transceiving medium that communicate with each other. The Telecommunication industry requires technologically inclined individuals and workers.

A Telephone craftworker does installation, connection, maintenance and repair works pertaining to cables, telecommunication systems and telephone equipments.  They may be required to lay cables and phone lines that are leading to the customer’s residence or offices.

For this line of work, one must be technically-inclined. He must be familiar with communication systems and more often than not, have attended relevant technical courses pertaining to the trade. Also, because he is sometimes required to enter customer homes or offices, acceptable interpersonal communication skills are also required.