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Career Profile: Cartographer

The Career Information and Profile of the Cartographer will be described in this article. Cartography is the science of translating landscapes and terrains into a flat 2-dimensional representation. In another word, a Cartographer creates maps. Another name for them is Mapmaker.

The job involves collecting, analysing of geographical information.  These geographical information are usually obtained from materials and sources such as aerial photos, geodetic surveys as well as satellite data. A cartographer may also be required to create, evaluate and device user interfaces for GIS and mapping systems. Sometimes, the work may also involve revising and updating existing maps.

With the advent of technology, most cartographer uses computer-aided design programs to create maps. The job typically contain the delineating of details such as topography, cultural features using tools such as stereoplotting and drafting devices. A cartographer must be extremely well-versed in the symbols that represent the various features of terrains.

Courses and qualification that are of relevance to Cartography include computer-aided design, geography and surveying technology.