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Career Profile: Appraiser

An appraiser’s work is about examining works of art, artifacts in order to determine their value. The work often require expertise and knowledge in the subject being examined.

The more common types of appraisers are:

1. Fine art appraiser. They must be able to judge the value of art works by style, brush stroke and other qualities.

2. Jewelry appraiser. They must have understanding in the area of gemology. Not only must they be able to recognize gemstones such as diamonds correctly, they must also be able to quality of the jewelry based on characteristics such as cut, clarity and colour.

3. Antique appraiser. They must be familiar with the styles, materials and history of antiques.

4. Estate appraiser. They access the values of groups of items for sale, insurances and or estate planning.

Regardless of the field, an appraiser must be an expert in the field. He or she must be able to analyse the authencity and value of the object being appraised. Training to be appraisers varies according to the type of appraisal work. For example, Fine art appraisers may need Fine arts background such as a Degree in Fine Arts.