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Career Profile: Literary Agent

 A Literary Agent can be a writer’s best friend.

This article describes the career profile of Literary Agent. A Literary agent reads a writer’s manuscript and determine whether to accept the writer as a client. A literary agent guides the accepted writer with regards to ideas for the manuscript. He may suggest changes.

A Literary Agent is a middleman between writers and publishers. He assists the writer or author in finding suitable publishers. Even famous authors have literary agents. For example, Deepak Chopra engages their services for his books.

Has does the Literary agent make a living? Basically, he or she gets commissions for the earnings accrued by the writer. Usually, this is a certain percentage of the writer’s earning.

What does it take to become a Literary agent? An agent needs to have good experience of the publishing trade. He or she must have good knowledge of legal, financial and business matters pertaining to the book and publishing trade. He must also have good negotiating skill too.

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