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Career Profile: Screenwriter

As the name implies, a Screenwriter writes scripts for the film and entertainment industry.  It is considered a glamorous job. Some of the famous writers include David Mamet and M. Night Shyamalam.

This is a very hard-to-penetrate career. It is highly competitive. It is also one that can be very highly paid. To be successful in this field demands talent, good connection as well as luck.

Basically as a screen writer you have to write scripts for many types of shows and entertainments. These includes contents for feature films, soap operas, serial and sitcoms. Writing a screenplay typically requires lots of research and creativity. Very often the screens also have to undergo tons of editing and revisions. Therefore patience is also a good quality for this job.

Here’s a valuable video from Screen writers

A freelance screenwriter may have to negotiate and agree to the payment fee. Job demand can be erratic, but the payment for each project can be good too. So there are pros and cons in this line of work.