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Career Profile: Technical Writer

This career is a marriage between technical expertise and writing ability. The career profile for the Technical Writer will be described here.

He is in charge of the design, production, maintenance and updates of technical documentation. His job includes analyzing technical products with the hardware and software development teams, thereafter presenting and publicizing the product.

A technical writer must have a flair for putting across technical matters simply, possess copywriting skills, and be able to keep abreast of technical trends and innovations.

Technical writing encompass writeup for machines operation, software application, industrial products, etc. To produce these writeup, you have to be both knowledgeable and possess practical experiences (approximately 2 years) in the field. Some of the work that a Technical Writer are given are product user guide writeup, software application manual, etc.
Whom are the ones suited to the Technical Writer job? To be a Technical Writer, one should possess more than 2 of the followings:
1.    Fluency in the language
2.    An eye for detail
3.    Knowledgeable in the field
4.    Possess practical working in the field for at least 2 years
5.    Meticulous in operation procedure
6.    Have a passion to write.

What are the jobs cope of a Technical Writer?

A technical writer ensures that the user or reader whom have read the writeup are able to understand the written instructions and use it to operate the equipment as instructed. Accuracy in instructions, this is very important so as to ensure user are safe when he or she learn to operate the equipment by following your written instruction. You might also receive many negative feedback from your writeup that causes you to re-write many times.

He usually possesses a diploma or a degree with a good command of English, knowledge of desktop publishing tools, and technical knowledge of computer software, hardware and multimedia applications.


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    Nice info of the job profile of the technical writer.

    Any idea what does a ghost writer do?

  2. admin admin

    A ghost writer writes on behalf of the client.

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