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Chapter 1 – The Urgency is Real

The Urgency is Real

As of this writing (Year 2021), our world seems to have turned topsy turvy. We have COVID19 pandemic and the world economy seems to be deteriorating. What is causing all these woes? Perhaps, we Human Beings should rethink our way of life and priority.

We, the people of the Earth pray to one kind of God although it is unspoken… And that God is MONEY. Money seems to give us happiness. But it is also breeding insatiable greed. We want more and more of it. And how and where does more and more of it come from? It comes from the resources, nature and the wildlife of the Planet. How does the COVID19 come about? It comes from our exotic consumption of life that should not be alive for the purpose of human business and consumption. In another world, it all boils down to our lust for money being not restrained by personal morality and the ability to view life beyond our own immediate concerns.

In our world, Material advancement is not kept in check by Morality, Ethics and Spiritual Evolution. It is inevitable that if the materialistic greed of those money and power-hungry humans are not controlled, the world will eventually be thrown into chaotic states of climate change, wars and famine.

The solution is to Spiritually evolve as rapidly as the material / technological advancement.

We share this planet with a lot of other living creatures

In my opinion, a human economic system should take into account the wellbeing of the entire ecosystem, which is the body of Mother Earth. Economy should not be about humans for humans only. We tend to see ‘less-than-holistically’ and believe that money-making has nothing to do with the welfare of our Planet Earth. But the fact is, we humans do take sustenance from the atmosphere, animal and plant kingdoms; therefore we are dependent upon other species and resources on Earth. As such, human activities should be accounted for within an equation that does not place the human species upon a pedestal (which is being treated as superior); but rather assigns the ‘so-called intelligent biped’ objectively with other species and elements. Current human activities are simply too self-absorbed. The truth of things is that everything, ‘however insignificant it may appear to be, is in actual fact, unique.

Holistic & equitable replenishment & redistribution amongst all elements and species on Earth should be the main theme for sustainable living, instead of the human biased “competitive” model. Recycling material is not enough. Humans, being the so-called intelligent life form on Earth should develop sciences that deal with replenishment of plants, animal kingdoms and elements, keeping resources in equilibrium. This is because our Planet has a definite volume and surface area, hence Unlimited Growth is a Lie.

To achieve all that, the very mindset that first sets competition in motion has to be deprogrammed from the population at large. A tough feat, made tougher by the fact that powerful and wealthy humans will not give up their wasteful ways for some utopian ideals that they believe have no stake in.