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Chapter 3 – Practices for Self Discovery

I will like to state that these practices are not about Enlightenment. I am simply not qualified to write about it. Instead, it is about practices that if done correctly, be able to reveal the dimensions of oneself that are hidden from our conscious awareness.

Meditation basics

Meditation should not be seen as a goal. Instead it is really the result being able to release what is being held in the mind.

One Point concentration is an essential activity for allowing that to happen. That is, the temporary release of grasping in the mind.

The mechanism of experiences

As a long time meditator.. These are some findings that I will like to share.

If you engage in anger, you become anger. I have loads of experience in being angry 🙂 and also test loads of ways to try to get out of its unpleasantness.

The way out of any state (of suffering) is to eliminate it (that state) from your experience.

In the meditative state, experience ascends to higher and higher state of Being by the dispassionate release from the woeful states such as anger, fear. One cannot get out of the anger state by passionately trying to fix the situation that caused it. The anger state is released and ceases to be in the experience, by the dispassionate release of it. There is no moral high ground needed to state this. It is just a fact.This is a method to change the experience of a situation, although it may not be necessarily useful for changing the situation.

Most of the time, we are only able to become dispassionate through insights and/or immense suffering. So this is not an easy process. In fact ‘not easy’ is an understatement 🙂

The real liberation path only starts at the moment of realisation of no-self. This marks Stream-entry or the first stage of enlightenment. Unfortunately most Presenters cannot articulate it very well. No-self plus intense suffering… will lead to dispassion that is able to truly dissolve the grip of emotions such as anger, fear that causes physiological suffering.Before the realisation of no-self… any kind of letting go is simply a sense of self having a reverse desire of letting go. Hope that makes sense.