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Five sites that 3D artists can use to make money online

If you are a 3D designer or artist, there are places where you can make a little bit of passive income online. Most of them involve selling your digital models or assets. Some allows you to make physical products generated from them. Some of them also allow you to connect with customers that requires your service or skills to do some freelance assignments or projects.

Here are 5 websites that 3D artists can use for making some money online.

Note: For all the websites, you will need to sign up an account with them. The links are provided below (as their title).

1. CG Trader

You can sell 3D models, resources and even take on freelance project from this website. The commission payout is comparatively good. You can sell 3D printable model here. To do that, you must be to create 3d models that can are 3D printable. That means, they must be water-tight and exported to a 3D print format such as STL or Obj.

2. Turbosquid

One of the oldest surviving website that sells 3D digital models. You can sell models and resources. However, The commission payout is miserly

3. Daz3D

You can sell your Daz Studio related assets and models here.

4. Zazzle

You can have your artwork converted in real products such as T-shirts.

5. Fiverr

You can sign up for freelance jobs here. There is a 3D model and Product Design section for you to do your magic.

May you make some income from your effort !!