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Building low cost GPU 3D rendering rig (for 3D professionals)

GPU or Graphic Processing Units are the jargon terms for a video card. With the Crypto-mining craze using GPUs waning, there are many cards that are not usable as a display and gaming devices being released. This mining cards lacks video outputs and are thus not relevant as graphic display and gaming hardware. Such cards include Nvidia P104 and P106-100 .

However, for a 3D professional such as designers, artistic and animators, these cards can be given new lease of life as 3D rendering hardware. This is because these cards supports CUDA which are sought after for improving the speed and time of rendering still and animation.

The video below shows how a do-it-yourself rig for 3D GPU rendering can be built using mining gears such as risers and supported GPUs.

The Video rig consists of:

  1. Mining Riser set
  2. Desktop Casing
  3. CUDA enabled GPU (P106-100 is used for the demo)
  4. Power Supply Unit (specs need to meet power requirement for the rig and GPU)