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Business Idea: Locksmith

All homes, building need locks to keep their premises secure. Therefore, Locksmiths is dealing with something that modern households and their security cannot do without.

Locks and keys are the two main objects that this trade revolves around. This trade can be described as the activities that involves the assembling and designing of security related products.

As a locksmith, there are 2 main ways to make money:

1. Duplicate Keys for customers. The Key Duplicating Machine is the main tool for this task. Examples of such products are LeverMatic Key Machine, Mini and Power Speedex. These machines typically cost hundreds of dollars.

2. Picking and breaking Locks. This is required in situations whereby someone gets locked out of his own residences or workplace. The skill of the locksmith is need to break the locks.

As a small business, the owner most probably have to invest some money to buy the relevant equipment such as the key duplicating tools for the locksmithing trade.

To be qualified for this trade, Locksmithing training is required. The course will cover things such as key-making, opening of locks without using keys. Because of advances in technology, some course also offer electronic security training. Some places even offer Diplomas pertaining to this profession.