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Easy and cheap way to upgrade laptop to SSD

Upgrading to an SSD is one of the best way to speed up an aging laptop or PC.

Here, we will describe an easy and very cheap way to upgrade the laptop to SSD.

  1. Buy Sandisk SSD. They are very cheap and reasonably fast.
  2. Get external Sata to USB adapter. Those used as ‘sata to usb external hard drive enclosure’ are very good choices.
  3. Connect or place the Sandisk SSD into the ‘sata to usb external hard drive enclosure’hard-usb
  4. Download the Sandisk SSD compatible EZ Gig IV cloning software from
  5. Install the cloning software onto the computer.
  6. Start cloning your harddrive content into the SSD via the external ‘sata to usb external hard drive’ .
  7. Take out old harddrive from the laptop or PC
  8. Install the new SSD into the laptop or PC
  9. Restart your computer.

That’s it. Your computer should see a noticeable boost in start up speed and overall responsiveness. Hope that this is helpful.

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