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Home business – 3D Modeller and Renderer

A 3D modelling, rendering home-based business is a computer-based business. A 3D modeller and renderer produces 3D digital deliverables for clients.

Clients can be from any of the following industry:

1. Product and industrial design.

2. Interior and architecture

3. Graphics and packaging design

4. Webdesign

If the modeller can maintain a constant flow of projects, this can be a very profitable home-based business. The initial startup for such as business will include:

1. A fast and fairly powerful graphic intensive computer. The system used must be able to handle powerful and RAM-hungry 3D graphic programs.

2. 3D modelling and rendering program. The software used may depends on the industrial being served. Some very popular commercial 3D packages includes Maya, 3D StudioMax, Lightwave 3D, Rhino and Cinema4D. If you are on a tight budget, a new startup may consider free and opensource alternatives. The only professional grade opensource 3D modelling and rendering system is Blender3D.

3. An image-editing software. The most popular software for image editing is Photoshop. However, there are cheaper alternatives such as Paintshop pro and Photoshop Elements. A free opensource alternative is the GIMP.

4. A high-quality printer. This is often in the form of a high-dpi Inkjet printer.

Depending on the scope of the project, a client may require the following types of deliverable:

1. Digital files of 3D models. This model may be further utilised by the client for follow-up works. You may be surprised to hear that many popular movies and films actually hired freelancing 3D modellers to undertake certain portions of their projects.

2. Printed 3D renderings. Very often, this is the deliverable for Interior and Product Design-related projects.

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  1. Sierra Sierra

    Thanks for the info. Yes, 3D modelling can earn you a nice income if the demand is alway consistent.

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