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Home Business: Becoming a Reseller or Affiliate

One very common mode of home business is to be a reseller or affiliate with well-known and/or successful companies or products.

For example, for many years, Tupperware has a strong affiliate program that is very popular with housewives. This shows that the system can work. However, it is not easy to get constant supply of customers and buyers.

To be a successful affiliate, one must actively look for potential customers. Basically, as an affiliate, one earns a commission whenever a successful sale has been made.

In addition to that, you should know the product that you are selling well. This will add credibility that will improve the success rate of someone buying the product/s.

Many successful affiliate do not just sell one product. They market and promote multiple products to increase their source of incomes.

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  1. Amolou Amolou

    Affliliates can be rich or can be poor. The gap is very wide. Some are so wealthy yet some cannot even earn a single cent.

    It takes talent and sheer hardwork to succeed as an affiliate.

    I do know of rich ones.

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