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Home Business: Interior and Architectural Renderer

This is a job for the artistic and computer savvy person.

An Interior and Architectural Renderer is a person who creates realistic visualizations and renderings of architectural and interior concepts. Such a person must have good understanding of 3D modelling and rendering software programs. Knowledge of interior design is an added advantage, although it is not always necessary.

Most clients are architectural firms who need someone to create 3D renderings of their design concepts. Typically, as a Renderer, the client will provide you with the technical specifications of their designs. This is usually in the form of technical layouts and drawings. As a renderer, you must be also able to read and understand 2D technical drawings. You will need this knowledge in order to translate 2D concepts in 3D digital data. In another word, a Renderer is required to build the 3D models and the subsequent renderingsĀ of these concepts.

The popular software programs used for these renderings are 3D studio Max, Viz or Cinema 4D.

However, free tool such as Blender can do the job as well. Below is example of Blender interior rendering works.

Hope this helps.

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  1. Alan Alan

    To do great interior rendering takes quite a bit of technical as well as artistic know hows.

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