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Side Income: How to sell products online

One method of starting an online side income is to sell products online. Do you have something to sell online? If you have, one of the easiest and most hassle-free way of selling things over the internet is E-junkie.

E-junkie Shopping Cart and Digital Delivery
What is so good about E-junkie? Well, beside enabling you to selling digital files and product over the internet, it is one of the few places that handles the sales of real tangible products as well.The nice thing about E-junkie is that they do not take a commission for the sales you make. All you sales profits are truly yours. All you need to do is to pay a very reasonable monthly fee that is as low as $5 a month. LOL..Some web-hosting service are even more expensive than that!E-junkies is highly integrated with other online business systems such as Ebay, Google Checkout,PayPal, Authorize.Net, TrialPay, 2CheckOut and ClickBank. Because of that, it is really one of the easiest path to integrate your selling methods.

If you are selling digital downloadable products such as music files and software programs, E-junkie provides features that allows automated payment transaction and download delivery. So, once it is set, you do not need to manually send your customers the download files. E-junkie will do that for you.

As for real tangible products, E-junkie provides automation for inventory management and shipping calculation. Their shopping cart system includes inbuilt sales tax, packaging, VAT and shipping cost calculator.

So, if you are selling products such as T-shirt, souvenirs, CDs, software and files, this system may be just right for you. 😉