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Work From Home (WFH) Income Ideas

Hard truths : The World is changing and as of this writing COVID 19 pandemic is forcing many to stay from home aka WFH. The safe and secure jobs of our grandfather’s era may not be as safe as before as we enter the information age and the Fourth Industrial revolution. It is good to start building gradual passive sources of income.

Here as some side-passive income that you can do that home even during the times of COVID 19 stay at home period.

Selling Products Online Via Amazon

Amazon allows the selling of your own product or that of others from the safety of your home.
Via their referral system, you can easily sell the product of others and get a commission.
Another way of generating a passive recurring income is to write and sell books via Amazon KDP.

However, if you are from the USA, getting paid without incurring hefty bank service charges via cheque processing is an issue. When Amazon issues a cheque to you, most non-USA banks will charge a hefty fee for processing it. This results in major cut from your profit.  One way to overcome this is to sign up with Payoneer and let them deal with the Amazon payment to your own bank account. You can sign up with Payoneer here . This is how I personally deal with the crazy cost of processing US Cheques in a foreign country.

Write articles and work online
Online places that pay you for writing article and document include
Constant Content which is very well established for many years. If you are browsing this website, chances are you are already familiar with a particular line of work or career. Why not sign up with Constant Content and contribute your knowledge and get paid as well.

Good luck and stay safe !!

Note: as with all endeavors, this passive income is not a magic pill. Effort is still required for success.