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Side Income: Guest Blogging

Are you a very knowledgeable person? Can you write like there is no tomorrow? Do you have a powerful command of the your mother tongue or any particular language in its written form? Are you also internet and tech-savvy?

If you are all of the above, you might consider earning a side income as a Guest Blogger. What does a Guest Blogger do? Well, a Guest Blogger writes blog posts on behalf of the client. This is in a way a kind of writing career with work scope at times similar to that of a Ghost Writer.

You may be able to find jobs as Guest Blogger from online forums and classified ads. Good places to start are the webmaster forums such as Digitalpoint and Warrior forums. These are meeting places for Blog Webmasters and Service Bloggers. You might want to advertise your service in those forums and discussion boards.

The most common mode of payment in the internet is Paypal. So, it is absolutely a must to have a Paypal account if you want to do any kind of internet businesses.

Sign up for PayPal and start accepting credit card payments instantly.

Usually, the client may need you to be very knowledgeable in a particular field. This field is typically related to the Client’s main business.

In these times of not-to-rosy economy, it doesn’t hurt to earn some extra income to save for the rainy day!

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  1. Yeah, writing as a guest blogger / ghost writers could make some side income. It takes the person knowledge about the topic discussed and some writing skills that could attract people to read and stays at the blog, keeps the blog updated and make money while at it(through adsense or affiliate)

    We really should have a paypal account as it is one of the famous, secured, and known throughout the internet. Make payments easily and fast.

    Both of the forums are good, if you really want to find some clients.

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