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Caring and compassionate careers

Not all careers are hard and cold. There are some careers that are heart based. What we meant as heart-based is that these jobs or careers are driven by the need and compassion to care for and nurture the fellow human beings.

What is compassion? It is the understanding of the suffering and discomfort that another living being is experiencing. In the understanding, we feel a strong need to do something to reduce the suffering felt by the persons involved. In our opinion, compassion is kindness in action.

Below are what we consider as careers with compassion and a nurturing heart.

1. Doula. A Doula is there to reduce the pain and discomfort associated with pregnancy and childbirth. A Doula assists an expectant mum and may follow through beyond initial childbirth. Doulas offer both physical and emotional supports to mums-to-be.

2. Social worker. A Social Worker feels deeply for the suffering of certain less-fortunate groups of people within human society. This group of people with difficulties includes the elderly, the financial poor and the disabled. Driven by deep compassion, the social worker works tirelessly in this much underrated career which involves taking care of these latter group of people.

3. Music Therapist. These therapists employ music as a tool to assist the patient.

4. Art Therapist. These therapists uses art and craft as a medium for helping his or her patient.

Well, that’s all for the article. There are certainly many more careers and profession that are altruistic in nature.

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  1. Ricky Lim Ricky Lim

    These are indeed compassionate career paths. Thanks for this interesting article.

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