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Glamorous female careers

Not all jobs are made equal. Some careers simply garner more attentions from the general public. These careers or jobs can be considered glamorous. Glamour is the feeling that something or someone is excitingly attractive. For example, some people simply exude star qualities. These lucky people makes others want to take a second look at them. This is glamour.

The following are some female careers and professions that exude an aura of glamour. Those people that are part of these professions are perceived as being more exciting and attractive than the average person on the road.

1. Fashion model. This is by far one of the most glamorous of all female jobs. As a model, your face is public and highly publicized. You appear in all kinds of publications. You appear in newspaper, magazines, website and more.

2. Air stewardess. Being a member of the air cabin crew is one of the most attractive and highly sought-after profession in the service industry. Many airlines impose strict selection criteria for potential air cabin crews. Some airlines only accept inspiring air stewardesses who fulfill a minimum height requirement. Needless to say, they must also be above average in the looks department too.

3. Fashion designer. Somehow, when you make other women look good, you look good in the eyes of others too.Fashion designers outshine other designers in other fields, atlhough these others may not be necessarily less-talented. Famous people in this field include Anna Molinari and Anna Sui.


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