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Musical careers

Music is a hallmark of human civilization. It has the ability to stir complex emotions within the Human Being. Almost every culture has their own brand of music. In this modern age, new forms of music has been created by cross-cultural influences.

To work within the music related industry, one must have a talent with sound, song and music.

Here is a compilation of music related careers.

Musician. A musician is one who plays music. There are many classification of musicians. An instrumentalist plays a musical instrument.

Vocalist. Singers also known as vocalist uses his or her voice to create songs. There can be different types of singer.

Music Conductor. A music conductor’s job involves leading a musical ensemble. A conductor can at the same time take on the role of the instrumentalist as well.

Music therapist. A Music Therapist treats patients using the therapeutic power of music. A music therapist should have a genuine interest in caring for people. They must be able to combine music, coaching, and therapy to help persons with disabilities improve their physical and mental health.

Lyricist. Lyricist writes lyrics for songs. They have to be very creative. Lyricist are typically engaged and hired by music bands to write a songs for them. A singer who writes the lyrics to songs is a singer-lyricist.

Disc Jockey. A DJ broadcasts songs and music to an audience. Disc Jockey must also be verbally expressive. Radio disc jockeys play music over the radio. Club DJs mix  and play music in a club.


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