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Working in Rochester NY

Are you thinking of working overseas? Are you living in Rochester?

Rochester is a metropolitian city in the United States. Where is Rochester situated? It is residing in New York and is in Monroe County.


In terms of size, it is slightly less than 100 square kilometers. Weather-wise, Rochester, like the rest of New York, has four seasons. Please understand that there is a town in England known as Rochester as well. In this article, we are not refering to the English Town.

In the center area of the city is the well-known century-old public market. There you can find lots of fresh fruits, foods and grocery stuffs.

Economy wise, Rochester NY is one of the larger economy within New York. The region contains quite a number of international firms and businesses. In the area of technology, Rochester is widely regarded as the global hub for the imaging field and industry. There is a significant number of institutes offering training and education in the field of imaging and optical science. Places like Rochester Institute of Technology offers such courses.

Are you thinking of working in a place like Rochester? If you are, there are several online resources to go about doing this. One of which is a website known as Rochester Jobs.

Also, if you are not already a residence in Rochester, you will need to find a place of accommodation there. The website also provides relevant information pertaining to the area of apartment rental in that city. Additionally, not everything about the site is work-related. On the website, you can also find information pertaining to whereabouts of various restaurants and upcoming events in the city.

In order to gain access to the job informations and listings about Rochester, you will need to register with the Rochester Job site.

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