A World without money

A World without money

It is said that money makes the world go round. Is this true ?

Can a World function without money? Firstly what exactly is money? Money basically is a mode of exchange that is used as a standard for payment of goods, services and job rendered. The money type differs from country to country.

Our ancient cave man ancestors survived without money. Instead they derived sustenance and resources directly from nature. If he wants food, he will gather it himself. If he needs water, he will get it directly from the environment such as from a clear running stream. As our human social structure and communities became more sophisticated, a more sophisticated mean that serve as a mode of exchange is devised. This thing is money.

Because money is such a ubiquitous element in modern human societies, it is also a double-edged sword. In can bring happiness to people. It can also bring much pain and suffering as well. The possible scenarios of how money can affect an individual, community or organisation are countless. There can be unlimited possibilities and ways of how money can affect people’s life.

So without money are human beings able to survive and yet continue to progress and evolve as a civilisation? This is a question that perhaps will find no answer.

However, we are very keen to hear from the Reader with regards to this question:

Can the World function without Money ?

Your comments will be much appreciated. Thank you.

2 Replies to “A World without money”

  1. A World without money is very possible. Human beings have an instinctive desire to grow learn and transform – this is how life works. If everyone can come to a mutual respect for each other and nature, everyone would want to work together and focus on a better future without the incentive of money. In my opinion people are just to scared to say “what if?”. What if robots started doing all the boring mind numbing thing and people can be free to do as they really want without worrying about pay checks and job availability – explore the earth; skydive; invent;create; plant; dance; build; paint; sing…. In my opinion we as a species can only fully awaken to our limitless potential once our most intimidating hurdle is absolved.

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