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Is the way of doing business changing?

In ancient times, before the advent of money, people relied on barter trade to exchange and receive goods, resources and essential items.

Then came the concept of money and people continued to do business in a way that is more or less physically location-based. In fact this is still the current mode of business.

With the advent of the internet and world wide web, things are appearing to be changing somewhat. You can now do monetary transactions  via the internet with people all over the world. So, is the world wide web changing the way of doing business? Are we moving towards a new way of exchange and commerce via global-based technology. For example, Cloud funding appears to be a new way of raising capital and fundings for business. What is Crowdfunding? It is the method of funding a business venture  via online contributions. Popular crowdfunding platforms include Kickstarter and Rockethub. This method of garnering financial support allows small players to have a global audience in ways that are not possible with traditional means.

Is the internet changing the way of doing business? What do you think? Your views are welcomed.