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Digital Jewelry Photography Career

Digital Jewelry Photography is essential within the field and careers of Jewelry and crystal business. Career scope in the Jewelry photography or design line may require one to know a little bit about digital jewelry photography.
There are several types of set-up for digital jewelry photography. The 2 most common ones are:
1. Product Photography styled. The layout and setup for this is as per typical product photography, which is usually within a studio environment.


2. Jewelry-on-model styled. In this setup, a model is engaged to showcase the jewelry. Almost in all circumstances, an attractive woman is used for the digital jewelry shoot. In this setup, the jewelry is showcased within its contextual environment. In another word, the jewel is being portrayed as it is to be used or worn on a woman. For this type of digital jewelry photography, the criteria and setting is similar to that of portrait photography.


The main focus of any setup for digital jewelry photography is to put the jewelry as the subject and to bring out it attractiveness as best as possible.
Typically, the following settings are used for digital jewelry photography:
1. Macro or close-up mode is used. Because most jewelries, gems and crystals are small, macro photography is more suitable. This also helps to defocus the environment and keep the focus on the jewelry piece itself.
2. No flash. Flash should not be used when taking jewelry shots. This is because, the flash will create unsightly hard edges and sharp shadows. On the other hand, diffused lighting will soften and enhance the beauty of the jewelry piece.
3. Keep the background uncluttered. This is especially true for product photography styled setup.
Well, that’s all for the article on Digital Jewelry Photography career. Hope that it is useful.