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Female Photography

Female Photography is one of the most popular form of Photography. Throughout the history of Mankind, the pictorial depiction of women has significant impact on art and culture. For example, Mona Lisa is one very famous pictorial representation of woman. With the advent of photography, the visual representation of female continues to evolve into ever refined expressions.
The main reason for the tremendous popularity of female photography lies in the fact that the female human form is one of the most visually attractive subject. Female photography can be found in many fields and genres. Some of these areas are:
1. Fashion industry. In this field, female photography is being used to expression fashion wears and accessories.
2. Graphic and advertisement. There is no doubt that female and feminine attractiveness are incredibly powerful marketing and advertising tools.
3. Portraits. Females make great portrait photography subjects.
4. Glamour photography. This is the form of photography that depicts women in sensual and glamorous ways. Nude female photography was first started in 1850.
5. Raising of public awareness. This may be used in the areas of publicity for awareness movements such as motherhood, childbirth, pregnancy and so forth.

The scope and areas of application of female photography far exceeds the few that have been described here. Female photography can have many more creative uses and expressions. If we look around, we will be able to see its prevalent usage and application.