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Landscape Photography Tips

Landscape Photography is one of the most popular type of photography. Landscape photos can be awesome imageries to behold. Having such photos on canvas can be quite awe-inspiring.

There are some tips for taking landscape photography:
1. Keep the details in focus. For this, use a small aperture size. This will maximize the DOF (Depth of Field).
2. Use a tripod. This will enhance the sharpness of details.
3. People and animals are usually not the main focus in a landscape photo. If they do, keep them relatively small in terms of scale on the photo.
4. Use a wide angle lense. This will capture more of the scenes

5. Use leading lines. The using of leading lines will draw attentions to specific area of the composition. An example of leading line is road.
There are three main styles of landscape photography. These styles are known as:
impressionistic and
abstract landscape photography.


Panoramas or Panoramic photography is a type of photography that purposefully creates images with exceptionally wide fields of view. It can be created by specialized equipment or software program.


The followings are some tips for shooting panoramas:
1. Turn off auto white balance. This is to prevent the white balance setting from changing.
2. Turn off auto exposure. This is to prevent the exposure from being automatically adjusted.
3. Use only one exposure setting. Determine an aperture-shutter speed combination and stick to it for all the shots.
4. Use only one focal length. Use just one focal length for all the shots.
5. Use a tripod. A tripod allows for a more stable and sturdy panning of the camera when taking the shot. It also aligns the shots horizontally with one another.
6. Overlap the shots. An ideal range for overlapping is between 25 to 50 percent.
7. Do not use flash. Flash will affect the exposures.