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Photographer work scope – Food Photography

This is a new article for the Graphics and Visual Tips section. As a Photographer, one must be versatile and be able to handle different genre’s requirements. One interesting area that a Photographer may have the good fortune to work on is in the photographing of food to make them look delicious. There is a market for this type of work in the Food and beverage industry.

What is Food Photography? Basically is a visual representation of cuisine, meals and dishes in a most delectable manner. Often it is a type of close up photography.


In this type of Photography, often it is not such a good idea to have every details of the photo to be in sharp focus. To draw attention to the food dish, the photographer may decide to intentionally defocus other elements within the scene.

To do so, the photographer can set the camera parameter to a shallow Depth-of-field (DOF). A shallow DOF corresponds to smaller F-stop number. The smaller the F-stop number the larger the aperture size will be. The smaller the F-stop, the more defused objects that are not within the focal length will appear to be. This technique can be quite useful for close-up photography. If the photographer’s camera is capable of rendering aperture-priority, this mode may be used. This way, the camera automatically allocates the right shutter speed for the chosen aperture size.

In this type of photography, a tripod may be used to minimize movement and thus enhances stability to the shot. A tripod is a 3-legged device used for holding the camera still.

In order to make the food look tasty and good to eat, certain techniques and tricks may be engaged. For instance, fresh greenies and vegetable may wilt and thus look bad under strong lighting condition during a long photography session. To overcome this potential area of difficulty,  veggies may be undercooked to enable it to look fresh. Additionally, glycerine are used to simulate water as the latter may evaporate under warm lighting conditions.

That is all the information we have on the subject of Food Photography. As you can see, the photographer’s scope of work can be pretty broad.